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14 Feb 2023

IMB-CNM Management receives two international visits in the context of IOTSWC23

A delegation of representatives from Wuxi, a Chinese city where is located one of the most important technology hubs in the country with a high presence of semiconductor companies, led by Gu Guodong; and the president of the Canadian CMC Microsystems, Gordon Harling, have visited IMB-CNM and met with its management team in the last few days.

Institutional |
29 Nov 2022

Almost a hundred attendees at Innovation Day: 0 km Chips

The Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM, CSIC) has organized the first edition of the Innovation Day: 0 km Chips on transfer with industry, to share needs and establish possible ways of collaboration between the institute and the surrounding companies.

Institutional |
25 Oct 2022

New MSCA-COFUND doctoral programme led by ICMAB-CSIC to train 26 young researchers

DOCFAM+ (DOCtoral training programme in Functional Advanced Materials: Towards a Better Future) is a new doctoral programme for the recruitment and training of 26 excellent doctoral researchers. It builds on the success and remarkable outcomes from the previous DOCFAM programme by providing a new dimension through highly interdisciplinary and intersectorial research. IMB-CNM participates in the programme, led by ICMAB-CSIC.

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