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16 Jun 2023

The Ministry of Science and Innovation reinforces CNM and MICRONANOFABS equipment with the addendum to the Recovery Plan

The Ministry of Science and Innovation will allocate an additional 1,304 million euros from European funds to strengthen R&D&I in strategic sectors such as cutting-edge health, aerospace, microelectronics and semiconductors. 62.5 million are earmarked for the capacities of the National Microelectronics Center and the equipment of the distributed ICTS MICRONANOFABS.

Institutional |
31 May 2023

The Government promotes the Semiconductor and Chip Alliance of Catalonia to lead its development in Southern Europe

This public-private initiative will aim to attract projects from leading companies in the sector, train, attract and retain specialized talent, promote research and innovation and connect the local ecosystem to the world. The IMB-CNM is part of the governance body of this initiative, the Semiconductor and Chip Alliance, formed by several departments of the Government of Catalonia, companies and agents of the research system.

Institutional |
14 Feb 2023

IMB-CNM Management receives two international visits in the context of IOTSWC23

A delegation of representatives from Wuxi, a Chinese city where is located one of the most important technology hubs in the country with a high presence of semiconductor companies, led by Gu Guodong; and the president of the Canadian CMC Microsystems, Gordon Harling, have visited IMB-CNM and met with its management team in the last few days.

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