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Spin-off Companies

Researchers of IMB-CNM have collaborated in the recent years to create Spin-Offs for the valorisation of ideas and products partially or fully developed within the research groups of the institute. 

Alibava Systems

Compact System for Radiation Sensor Characterisation. The Alibava system is conceived to measure ionising radiation with semiconductor detectors, providing high sensitivity to low signals, high position resolution and high speed.


A4CELLS (Arrays for Cell Nanodevices)

A4CELL develops New technology named SPAchip (Suspended Planar-Array Chips) offering a perfect way to monitorize single cell alive. SPAchips are intracellular silicom microchips for monitoring extraordinarily small volumes as a single cell.


BLB (Barcelona Liver Bioservices)

Design and development of pre-clinical studies in the field of liver diseases and hepatotoxicity. The system allows human liver cells to be kept in culture for long periods of time and in better conditions than conventional culture methods, much as if they were in the liver. This allows in vitro studies of drug efficacy and toxicity in a microenvironment very similar to that of the human liver.


CALY Technologies

CALY Technologies’ SiC products offer unrivaled protection and superior performance than silicon devices in Transportation & EV applications. Our protection products are used in battery packs and power converters to limit the inrush or short-circuit current.


EnergIoT Devices

EnergIoT develops microgenerators to harvest ambient energy for smart wireless sensors, making possible a self-powered Internet of Things (IoT). EnergIoT can also create customized monitoring solutions to enable predictive maintenance for applications in other utility services such as water and gas distribution

    Logo Energiot


Spin-off from CSIC established in 2015 to commercialize the research activity on fuell cells. It offers paper batteries capable of powering a variety of single-use devices, such as portable diagnostic, and being discarded without recycling. Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund Award (2016).


Smalle Technologies

Energy Harvesting Company. Has developed an electromagnetic harvester device for scavenging ambient mechanical energy with slow, variable and randomness nature. It has applications in sailboats, oceanographic and navigation buoys. Fundación Repsol Entrepreneurs Fund Award (2013).



Sweanty is a spin-off created in 2021 that develops new wearable solutions to analyze sweat ionic composition.

    Logo spin-off Sweanty

Researchers at IMB-CNM have carried out a long-standing collaboration with industry agents to transfer the technologies developed at the laboratory to the society.