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Archive of Spin-off Created Companies

Researchers at IMB-CNM have carried out a long-standing collaboration with industry agents to transfer the technologies developed at the laboratory to the society. The IMB-CNM is one of the most active CSIC centers in spin-off creation for the valorization of ideas and products partially or fully developed within the research groups of the institute. This is the archive off all the recent created companies, some have been closed either because their goal has been fulfilled or because of a change in its activity.

Researchers at IMB-CNM have carried out the process of starting a spin-off in a wide range of fields involving the activity of the institute. Nowadays, there are technology-based companies (EBTs in Spanish) with more than ten years of expertise in the field. Some of the spin-offs are currently developing technologies to be applied in biomedicine, nanotechnology, power devices and systems or the Internet of Things. The CSIC researchers mentioned were at IMB-CNM at the moment of its creation.

Spin-off companies currently developing technologies

  • 2012: Alibava Systems:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Miguel Ullan (IMB-CNM), Manuel Lozano (IMB-CNM), Giulio Pellegrini (IMB-CNM).
  • 2012: Smalle Technologies:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Jaume Esteve (IMB-CNM), M. Cruz Acero (IMB-CNM).
  • 2015: Caly Technologies:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Philippe Godignon (IMB-CNM).
  • 2015: Fuelium:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Juan Pablo Esquivel (IMB-CNM), Neus Sabaté (IMB-CNM / ICREA).
  • 2017: BLB (Barcelona Liver Bioservices):
    • CSIC Staff involved: Rosa Villa (IMB-CNM).
  • 2018: A4CELL (Arrays for Cell Nanodevices S.L.):
    • CSIC Staff involved: José Antonio Plaza (IMB-CNM), Jaume Esteve (IMB-CNM), Marta Duch (IMB-CNM), Juan Pablo Agusil (IMB-CNM).
  • 2018: Energiot:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Gonzalo Murillo (IMB-CNM), Jaume Esteve (IMB-CNM).
  • 2021: Sweanty:
    • CSIC Staff Involved: Anna Llorella (IMB-CNM), Laura Ortega (IMB-CNM), Neus Sabaté (IMB-CNM / ICREA), Juan Pablo Esquivel (IMB-CNM).

Technology-based Companies that are no longer functioning

  • 2004: Mirakonta SL:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Lluis Terés (IMB-CNM).
  • 2006: Silicon Sensors, S.L.:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Andrei Bratov (IMB-CNM), Carlos Domínguez (IMB-CNM), Cecilia Jiménez (IMB-CNM).
  • 2006: X-Ray Imatek:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Manuel Lozano (IMB-CNM), Miguel Ullán (IMB-CNM).
  • 2008: Sensia:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Carlos Domínguez (IMB-CNM).
  • 2011: Alphasip Micro4ener SL:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Francisco Javier Muñoz Pascual (IMB-CNM).
  • 2015: Graphene Nanotech:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Philippe Godignon (IMB-CNM).
  • 2016: FutureSisens S.L.:
    • CSIC Staff involved: Fco. Javier Muñoz Pascual (IMB-CNM), Libertad Abad (IMB-CNM).

Spin-off Figures

spin-off companies born at IMB-CNM
spin-off companies currently active