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02 Jun 2023

The IMB-CNM leads once again the Iberian Delegation at the Micromachine Summit congress

After four years of interruption, the IMB-CNM rejoins the Iberian Delegation at the Micromachine Summit in Bucharest (Romania) between May 21 and 23 with researchers Luis Fonseca and Carles Cané.



The Micromachine Summit is an international scientific event created to showcase innovations in micro and nanotechnology to government, academia and industry initiatives around the world.

The 26th edition of this summit has welcomed nearly fifteen delegations from all over the world, with key people from the micro and nanotechnology sector, who have reviewed the state of microelectronics, semiconductors and microsystems. The topic has been "Electronic systems: challenges and perspectives", but other subtopics have also been discussed, such as the Chips Act initiative, Sensors, MEMS and system integration, green and sustainable technologies, and artificial intelligence for data analysis and predictions.

The representatives of this year’s Iberian delegation have been the IMB-CNM researchers Luis Fonseca and Carles Cané, along with Fernando Arteche, from the Centro Tecnológico Aragonés - ITAINNOVA, and Sandra Bermejo from the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya (UPC). In addition to the presentation of the report of the Iberian region by the head of delegation, Luis Fonseca, the four carried out the following technical presentations:

  • Luis Fonseca - Integrating materials and silicon technologies for microenergy devices
  • Carles Cané - Smart Systems for the key challenges of Utilities
  • Fernando Arteche - Advancements in Microelectronics Systems for Physics Detectors at ITAINNOVA
  • Sandra Bermejo - Use of nanostructures for sensing Applications

The next editions of the Micromachine Summit will be held in Australia and Canada.