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04 May 2023

IMB Young Researchers Day: early stage researchers show their work in a one-day event

IMB-CNM predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers gathered on April 20th for the first ever Young Researchers Day at the institute with oral presentations, a poster session and prizes.

YRD2023 Institutional welcome


The predoctoral and postdoctoral researchers of the IMB-CNM spent a full day presenting their research to their peers during the first Young Researchers Day of the institute. A face-to-face event that had oral presentations, a poster session, two invited talks and a quiz game.

The event, organized by PhD researchers Laura Lefaix and Alexandre Moreno and postdoctoral researcher Ferran Pujol-Vila, took place on April 20th at the IMB-CNM Auditorium to a full audience of early stage researchers and other people working at the institute.

It started at 9:30 am with a institutional welcome by director Luis Fonseca, 3-minute oral presentations of the PhD thesis by the predoc researchers, a poster session by the postdocs and two invited talks made by Joaquín Capablo Sesé (Career planning for Early Stage Researchers) and Nelson García-Polanco (The career trajectories for a PhD student) about the research career and different career paths within the scientific community.

The IMB-YRD2023 is a gathering to enhance collaboration and knowledge among people working at IMB-CNM, giving the chance of giving oral presentations and exchanging research areas, topics and experiences among peers.

Prizes for the best presentations and winners

The event culminated with the awards ceremony, giving prizes to:

  • Best oral presentations (by PhD students):
    • Eulalia Forner Castellsagué, Biodegradable tattoo devices for Sustainable EEG monitoring
    • Carla Riera Llobet, Adaptative Computation Techniques and microdosimetry for Proton therapy
  • Best poster presentation:
    • Ferran Pujol-Vila, Sensitivity analysis of nanostructured photonic cantilevers for color imaging-based sensing
  • Winners of the Quiz:
    • 1. Aída Visús
    • 1. Marc Navarro
    • 2. Neil Moffat
    • 2. Javier Cuenca

Program: Oral presentations

Health and Environment axis

  • Electrochemical digital detection using compact CMOS sensor arrays with low-power compressive readout for high-sensitivity rapid tests, Javier Cuenca
  • Disposable paper-based electronic sensing devices for sustainable eco-friendly platforms, David Batet
  • Wearable platform for sweat biomonitoring, Meritxell Rovira
  • Biodegradable tattoo devices for Sustainable EEG monitoring, Eulalia Forner
  • Graphene micro-transistor for multimodal neuro electrophysiology impedance recording, Enrique Fernández
  • Graphene-based multimodal interfaces for in vivo neural biosensing, Leo Salgado
  • Organ-on-a-chip with integrated semitransparent organic electrodes for barrier function monitoring, Denise Marrero
  • Lab-on-a-Chip Systems based on microelectronic technologies for cell culturing, Alexandre Moreno
  • Wireless microdevices for stimulating electrically-excitable cells, Laura Lefaix
  • Smart Materials and resonant microelectromechanical systems for bioelectronic microdevices and electroceuticals, Marc Navarro
  • Development of advanced semiconductors dosimeters for new radiotherapies, Marcio Alfonso Jimenez
  • Adaptative Computation Techniques and microdosimetry for Proton therapy, Carla Riera-Llobet

Energy and Mobility axis

  • Development of novel smart materials and low-cost devices for mechanical energy harvesting, Marcos Duque
  • Study of silver Sintering as Die-Attach Materials for Power Electronic Applications, Emma Solà
  • Study of electro-thermal local phenomena in silicon carbide power devices by IIR-LD, Ferran Bonet
  • Radiation Hard Detectors For Future Colliders, Òscar Ferrer
  • Micro-thermoelectric generators based on silicon, Álex Rodríguez

Physics Frontiers and Civil Security axis

  • Soft X-ray Low Gain Avalanche detector for Imaging Application, Milos Manojlović
  • Electrospray based MEMS thrusters for nano- and picosatellites, Raúl Ramos
  • Characterization, modelling and simulation of memristors based on MIM structures, Mercedes Saludes
  • Development of a technology for the fabrication of large-area strip radiation detectors, Èric Bach

Program: Poster presentation

  • Manufacturing vertical Silicon nanowire devices to extend the performance of future circuits and systems, Esteve Amat and Alberto del Moral
  • Large area stackable silicon skins for the fabrication of rSOCs
  • Heat Sink Implementation On Micro-Thermoelectric Generators (uTEGs) For Power Enhancement
  • Carbon-based Printed Thermoelectric Generator on Paper for Cold-Chain Monitoring, Marc Salleras, Marta Fernández and Íñigo Martín
  • Development and characterization of biodegradable inks based on molibdenum and zinc nanoparticles, Sandra Pérez
  • (Bio)Functionalized suspended devices for sensinn, Juan Pablo Agusil
  • Sensitivity analysis of nanostructured photonic cantilevers for color imaging-based sensing, Ferran Pujol-Vila
  • Influence of the bottom-electrode configuration in the performance and reliability of micromachined gas sensors based on nanowires
  • Room temperature ethanol microsensors based on silinazed tungsten oxide nanowires, Stella Vallejos