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09 Dec 2022

Success in the three activities organized by IMB-CNM for Science Week 2022

The IMB-CNM has organized three activities for the Science Week, which were attended by more than 100 people throughout the week. The events, in Cerdanyola del Vallès and Terrassa, have brought together audiences from various ages.

Llibertat Abad al taller Viatja al fascinant món del transistor al MNACTEC


Open Days, a conference in the importance of microchips in our lifestyle and a microelectronics workshop are the scientific outreach activities that the IMB-CNM programmed for the Science Week, coordinated by Fundació per a la Recerca i la Innovació (FCRI), which this year celebrated its twenty-seventh edition. The initiatives, open to the public, were very well received and more than 100 people in total came to learn a little more about the world of microelectronics.

The event took place in the week of November 11 to 20 throughout Catalonia with actions for all audiences and with the participation of other CSIC institutes, as well as other public and private research centers, companies and non-profit entities. On behalf of the IMB-CNM, nine people participated in the organization of the activities: six from the research staff and one from the technical staff, as well as two people from the Scientific Culture team. A total of five women and four men.

Open Days

During the week of November 14 to 18, the institute offered guided tours with CSIC research and technical staff, in charge of showing the Microelectronics Museum and the Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room. Cecilia Jiménez, Joan Marc Rafí, Llibertat Abad and Joan Bausells participated. In addition to Sabela Rey and Patricia Rodrigo (from the Scientific Culture team). Attendees had the chance to learn more about microelectronic manufacturing processes and the technological capacity it offers.

The visits were in the morning or afternoon shift and about 40 people came to see how a research center worked from the inside.

Xipx, xips, xips… aquests minúsculs desconeguts

Luis Fonseca, director of the IMB-CNM, went to the National Museum of Science and Technology of Catalonia (MNACTEC) in Terrassa to give a talk on how a chip is made and why they are more and more important in our lifestyle. The talk marks the first collaboration between the institute and the museum, which this year also hosted a workshop.

Viatja al fascinant món del transistor!

The workshop “Viatja al fascinant món del transistor!” was the protagonist of Sunday November 20th at the MNACTEC in Terrassa, where 60 people met, including families and adolescent audiences, interested in the world of microelectronics. Mercedes Saludes, David Sánchez, Joan Marc Rafí and Llibertat Abad dedicated two sessions of one hour each to explain what a transistor is, how it was invented and where we can find it today. The audience could touch silicon stones, transistors and chips, as well as operate small electronic circuits with integrated transistors. Organized within the framework of the project Un microchip muy grande, with the collaboration of the Spansh Foundation for Science and Technology – Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Images gallery

  • 1-3: guided visits during the Open Days.
  • 4-5: talk by Luis Fonseca in the Diesel Room at the MNACTEC.
  • 6-8: workshop "Viatja al fascinant món del transistor!" at the MNACTEC in Terrassa.