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The Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona carries out continuous work in communication and scientific culture. Our goal is to transmit to society the benefits of science and what we do as a public scientific research center. We publish news about our activity, we are available to the media for inquiries, we organize micro and nanoelectronics outreach activities, we open the doors of our facilities every month and we participate in the big science outreach events held every year.

Stay tuned for the next events about micro and nanoelectronics with the participation of the centre.

The institute opens its doors to visitors to show the activity it carries out to all citizens. It is an institutional commitment to contribute to the scientific culture of society and make science more inclusive and transparent. We make scientific guided visits for the general public in selected dates and for organized groups (schools, institutes, universities, etc.).

IMB-CNM collaborates with the press and the media to help share the results of our research and our researchers' activity.

Logo Red BibliotecasThe IMB-CNM library collection is specialized in the area of Physics, Electronics and Computer Engineering, in accordance to the main working fields of the Institute. This catalogue is part of the CSIC Libraries and Archives Network (CIRBIC).

Get the latest news about the center, the scientific production and the activity of our researchers. 

IMB-CNM is committed to making its research accessible to a wide audience to increase the general knowledge of science within the society, and to encourage scientific vocations among the young students.

Contact the Communication and Outreach Office

Extension:+34 93 594 7700
Extension:+34 93 594 7700
Sabela Rey Cao
Extension:+34 93 594 7700 (+435469)