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2021 SAB meeting

The second meeting with the board was held online on October 2021.

The Board was formed by eight members of international research centers, universities and companies working in areas related to the R&D lines of IMB-CNM. The members were Sabino Azcárate, Tekniker (Spain); Wolfang Dettmann, Infineon (Germany); Elvira Fortunato, Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal); Liviu Nicu, LAAS-CNRS (France); Janny van den Eijnden-van Raaij, hDMT Institute (Netherlands); E.M.J (Sabeth) Verpoorte, University of Groningen (Netherlands); Maud Vinet, CEA-LETI (France) and Haixia (Alice) Zhang, Peking University (China).