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Transparency Portal

The IMB-CNM, as a CSIC center, is an institution included within the subjective scope of application of the Act 19/2013 of transparency, access to public information and good government. As expressed in the explanatory statement, the law has as one of its objectives to increase and reinforce the transparency in public activity that is articulated through the obligations of active advertising.

The IMB-CNM Economy and finance information, as a CSIC Institute, is collected in the CSIC Transparency portal.

The Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM) is structured in governing bodies, executive bodies and advisory and support bodies.

The IMB-CNM Activity Reports summarises the research and institutional activities of our Institute over the years.

Law 9/2917 of Public Sector Contracts, in its article 63 establishes the obligation to publish the Contracting Profile.