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Organization and bodies

The Institute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (IMB-CNM) is structured in governing bodies, executive bodies and advisory and support bodies. The research activity is developed in the groups, distributed in two departments: Micro and Nano Systems (DMN) and Systems Integration (DIS).

IMB-CNM Management Bodies

The management team is composed by:

  • The Director, Dr. Luis Fonseca Chácharo.
  • Two scientific deputy directors, Dr. Mar Álvarez Sánchez and Dr. Xavier Jordà Sanuy, who share external visibility and internal coordination of R&D groups and technical laboratories.
  • One deputy director, Dr. David Quirion, in charge of the institute facilities as part of the Micronanofabs ICTS.
  • The managing director Ms. Mari Carmen Porto, in charge of the administration of both IMB-CNM and the Clean Room. Management of Maintenance, Computer Technology (IT) service, and the Library and Documentation service.

In addition, the institute has three collective bodies with responsibilities defined by CSIC regulations and two advisory bodies:

General Assembly

Board formed by all members.

Staff Researcher’s Assembly

Board in charge of discussing and approving the research decisions of the institute. Integrated by all the research staff and extended in some cases to all the doctors with an Expanded Scientific Board (“Claustro Ampliado”).

Institute Board

Board in charge of discussing and approving organizational matters. It is composed of the direction team, the heads of the two departments and three voted representatives of the IMB-CNM personnel.

Scientific Advisory Board

IMB-CNM is supervised by a high-level external body that was recently appointed by CSIC: the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) consisting of members of international research centers, universities and companies working in areas related to the R&D lines of IMB-CNM. It was established in 2018.

Internal Scientific Committee

The Committee is composed by few key researchers (5-8) of the institute. It assists the management team in scientific aspects, including periodic update of the mission  and vision of the institute, evaluation of research lines, elaboration of synergies and alignment of objectives between the eight R&D groups and the Clean Room.

Departments and Research Groups

Research activity is carried out with full scientific autonomy and is organised through research groups that integrate different departments. IMB-CNM has eight research groups distributed in two departments:

  • Micro and Nano Systems (DMN)
  • Systems Integration (DIS)

The Integrated Clean Room

The most relevant facility of the IMB-CNM is the Integrated Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room (SB-CSIC). This is a Large Scale Facility dedicated to the development and application of innovative technologies in the field of micro/nano electronics together with other emerging Micro/Nanotechnologies. This is unique in Spain due to its capacities and size and it is competitive at EU level.

SB-CSIC is part of MICRONANOFABS, a distributed large scale facility of the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. David Quirion is the deputy director acting as the Clean Room manager.

D+T Microelectrónica. A.I.E

D+T Microelectrónica is an Association of Economic Interest of public domain that manages most of the industrial and commercial projects of IMB-CNM. This company was created in 1990 by CSIC to facilitate the industrial and commercial activities of IMB-CNM Integrated Clean Room. Along with CSIC, the board of patrons is formed by important Spanish industries with which IMB-CNM has intensive long-term R&D collaborations:

  • Fagor Electronica S.Coop (Part of Mondragon Corporation)
  • Biosystems S.A.
  • Sociedad General de Aguas de Barcelona, S.A. (Agbar)
  • ALTER Ventures (part of TUV group)

Manuel Lozano Fantoba is the current director of D+T Microelectrónica AIE.