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IMB-CNM is committed to making its research accessible to a wide audience to increase the general knowledge of science within the society, and to encourage scientific vocations among the young students.

We seek to promote scientific research locally, nationally and internationally through a tailored programme of outreach, using the skills of staff to ensure our research is valued and accessible. Our aim is to provide opportunities for students of all ages to gain knowledge and understanding through science-based activity. Outreach activity and community engagement is undertaken through synergies with other activities and a commitment to ensuring our research is widely understood. Through social media and scientific communication our staff and students provide information which brings many benefits to the local community. Along with schools activity, we provide briefings to government; give public presentations; contribute to debates on micro and nanoelectronics issues and undertake family-orientated outreach activity.

The IMB-CNM celebrates the 75th anniversary of the invention of the transistor at Bell Labs in Murray Hill (New Jersey), a microelectronic component that is at the heart of the digital revolution.

Educational and audiovisual materials produced by IMB-CNM to support activities on micro and nanoelectronics and to illustrate scientific concepts in educational centers, workshops and other events

The IMB-CNM participates regularly in annual science awareness events.

The Zenon Navarro Microelectronics Exhibition Area displays equipment used for the design, fabrication and measurement of electronic devices.