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15 Dec 2021

David Bricio wins the JPhD Poster Award!

David Bricio has won the Best Poster Award in the JPhD2021, the 6th Scientific Meeting of PhD Students organized by PhD fellows of the ICMAB, IMB-CNM, ICN2 and the UAB. Marc Navarro, also at the IMB-CNM, won the second prize.

Marc Navarro, Sofia Aslanidou and David Bricio - JPhD


In the picture: Marc Navarro, Sofia Aslanidou and David Bricio at the IMB-CNM’s entrance.

David Bricio, who started at IMB-CNM with his master's dissertation and he currently carries out his research at the NANONEMS group at IMB-CNM, won the first prize in the Poster Category of the JPhD 2021. His poster “High throughput fabrication of Single Electron Devices based on Silicon Nanowires with embedded QuantumDot” was a thorough summary of the work he is carrying out at IMB-CNM.

Nowadays, we are living the emerging of a new technological breakthrough called quantum computing. The rise of this new discipline will have a huge influence in our lives, contributing to the development of new methods to analyse and predict towards big amount of data. It will enable to build models that are more accurate to approach climate change challenges, precision and personalized medicine or a deeply understanding of complex systems to sum up a few. Quantum computers need qubits as a basic unit of information.

"We are investigating doubly-clamped SiNWs that are defined by two different approaches: a focused ion beam (FIB) gallium implantation and mix-and-match optical and electron beam lithography", explains Jordi Llobet about the project.

The fabricated SiNWs exhibit optimal electrical properties for device development. By controlling and tuning ion implantation and annealing processes, we are investigating to promote recrystallization and the implantation of a single ion in a deterministic manner, with the objective to have quantum dots (<10 nm) embedded inside the nanowires. These devices are potential candidates for the fabrication of semiconductor qubits for quantum computing.

Congratulations for the award, David!

Another Best Poster Award: Marc Navarro

Marc Navarro, another IMB-CNM fellow, won the second best poster at the JPhD with "Resonant MEMS systems for bioelectronics microdevices and electroceuticals". "In the project I focus on designing, modeling, manufacturing and characterizing different piezoMEMS resonators using microfrabrication techniques in the Clean Room. These resonators allow local electrical stimulation in cells and are powered by capturing acoustic wave energy from the ultrasonic signals used in the biomedical range", explains Navarro. The researcher is currently at NEMESYS, a branch within the MESSI group. Congratulations, Marc!

JPhD: a gathering of the PhD students in Bellaterra

The JPhD is a gathering of PhD students at the UAB Campus that takes place since 2011. It incorporates the people of the Barcelona Nanocluster-Bellaterra (BNC-b), which includes IMB-CNM, ICMAB, ICN2 and UAB. It has emerged as an outstanding platform for networking and scientific communication over the last 10 years.

JPhD2021 took place at the end of November and it was aimed to exchange knowledge about scientific research from different fields, share research works and communicate among the PhD students of the BNC- b in an academic and scientific environment. The meeting integrated the entire UAB research framework and it was open to other institutes and universities as well. The conference was a 2-day long hybrid event framed with oral presentations, poster session, workshops and scientific plenary talks regarding current scientific issues given by established researchers in their own fields.

At IMB-CNM, predoctoral researcher Sofia Aslanidou took part in the organizing committee.