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29 Jun 2021

Albert Alcacer wins best oral presentation at the 13th Spanish Conference on Electron Devices

Engineer Albert Alcacer has been awarded with the best oral presentation in the category of "Sensors, actuators and biomedical devices" in the last Spanish Conference on Electron Devices, which took place from 9th to 10th June.

Chip ISFET and 50 cent coin. Albert Alcacer


Researcher Albert Alcacer has won the best oral presentation at the 13th Spanish Conference on Electron Devices with the presentation "eHealth system with ISFET-based immunosensor for heart failure biomarker detection in saliva". Alcacer is an electronics engineer working within the Nanofabricacion and Nanomechanical Systems Group (NANONEMS) at IMB-CNM.

The abstract of the presentation is: Heart failure is a chronic condition that sorely affects the worldwide population with huge health and economic costs. The purpose of this research is to present an ISFET-based immunosensor sensible to low concentrations of TNF-α biomarker in saliva, a protein related with the severity state of heart failure patients, together with a proof-of-concept IoT-based user-centered health ecosystem, aiming to reduce hospital-centered associated costs and improving patient monitoring. The immunosensor presents a low limit ofdetection of 5pg/mL, with good cross-selectivity versus other saliva biomarkers, using a low cost and short run-time detection technique, optimal for its implementation in a distributed monitoring system.

The presentation is linked to the the KardiaTool project, an EU funded project which finished earlier this year. In this framework, the IMB-CNM team participated in the development of a device for monitoring heart failure through saliva.

The Spanish Conference on Electron Devices (CDE) is the main venue for the presentation and discussion of current and emerging electron devices and technologies developed by Spanish research groups. The 13th edition took place at the beginning of June in Seville.

In the gallery (from left to right): Albert Alcacer holding the ISFET sensor / Test with saliva sample / ISFET sensor and 50 cent coin.