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Zenon Navarro Microelectronics Museum

The Zenon Navarro Microelectronics Museum displays equipment used for the design, fabrication and measurement of electronic devices. It shows micro and nanoelectronics technologies to the general public and describes what silicon chips are and how they are made, by using static displays, multimedia material and device prototypes.


The Museum is dedicated to Zenon Navarro Garriga (1947- 2007), physicist who built the UAB Clean Room in the 1980s, the first of the IMB-CNM before the definite inauguration of the Micro and Nanofabrication Clean Room in its current building in 1991. He managed the construction and installation of this pioneering infrastructure in southern Europe. For many years he was the photolithography process manager.

The space shows how the silicon chips are fabricated and some of their applications. It displays fabrication equipment and describes the processes that are used for the design, fabrication and characterization of integrated circuits and microsystems. It specifically includes the following items:


  • Microelectronics fabrication (thin film deposition, etching) and measurement equipment.
  • Interactive videos describing the fabrication processes in a clean room.
  • Videos on chip fabrication and on the research done at IMB-CNM.
  • Samples of devices developed at IMB-CNM.
  • Posters on the design and fabrication of integrated circuits.

Public Access

The museum can be visited as part of the institute's guided tours, coordinated by the Scientific Culture Office.