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Packaging Laboratory

The main activities of this area are addressed towards:

  • Dicing silicon wafer and substrates of different materials.
  • Packaging of microelectronic devices.

Dicing substrates:

  • Semiautomatic Dicing machine K&S980 plus.
  • Semiautomatic Dicing machine LoadPoint 3AV-14.
  • Optical macro zoom microscopes.
  • LatticeAx 420 Cleaving equipment for substrates downsizing
  • packaging2    


Packaging of microelectronic devices:

  • SMD, flip-chip and die bonding manual equipment.
  • Manual fine wire Wedge Bonders K&S4123, K&S4500.
  • Manual heavy wire Wedge Bonder K&S4127.
  • packaging3    
  • Manual fine wire Ball and Ribbon Bonder TPT HB16.
  • Optical macro zoom microscopes.
  • Die shear and Bond pull Tester Royce 650.

Contact person

Alberto Moreno Garriga