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Equality Committee

The Equality Committee is a working group to promote equality policies that favor a more diverse and inclusive science.

The group is made up of two members from four different groups of the institute: research, technical, predoctoral and administrative staff. It was formed in the Institute Board of November 26, 2021 and, since then, it meets periodically to carry out the implementation of equality policies in the institute.

Functions of the Equality Committee

  • Disseminate and promote knowledge of the equality policies of the CSIC, specifically, the Equality Plan of the AGE and the CSIC.
  • Disseminate institutional activities and decisions on equality policies.
  • Serve as a channel for the proposals or suggestions that the ICU staff could make on the matter.
  • Carry out a diagnosis of the situation regarding equality in the ICU. For this purpose, the data available in the ICU will be used.
  • Promote training among staff on equality, as well as training on sexual and gender-based harassment, preferably within the framework of the CSIC Training Plan.
  • Promote, in agreement with the management, equality in the functional and organizational structures of the ICU.
  • Promote the inclusion of sex/gender in research and innovation, and training in this area, promoting the integration of sex/gender analysis in research.
  • Promote, through specific actions in each ICU, the dissemination and visibility of the role of women in each ICU; researchers, technicians, etc., as a reference for current and future generations.

The Equality Committee is formed by: Llibertat Abad, Mar Álvarez, Sergi Brosel, Eduard Figueras, Gemma Gabriel, Denise Marrero, Emma Solà and Sabela Rey.

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