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PhD Fellowship Opportunities

We welcome new PhD students every year with a study plan according to their needs.

When recruited, each PhD candidate is supervised by, at least, one IMB-CNM researcher. Some students are co-supervised with other research labs. Students are enrolled in different PhD programs from a number of local and national universities, according to their background and the topic of the research.

Because of proximity, IMB-CNM is particularly involved in two PhD programs of UAB, the Micro and Nano Electronics (Engineering School) and the Materials Science and Chemistry (Science Faculty). In addition, some IMB-CNM researchers are lecturers at UAB, which gives visibility to the research done in the institute and makes it easy to involve students to the institute with small collaborations and visits at early stages and later for the PhD.

The IMB-CNM helps the graduate students to apply for different grants.

You can find updated information about every CSIC open call here. Some examples are:

Check the "Research career path in Spain at a glance" made by FECYT.

You can also watch this video in which four people linked to the IMB-CNM, who are developing their thesis or have already defended it, talk about their PhD and their experiences.

PhD students talking about their thesis on nanoscience
thesis defended in the period 2016-2020
PhD students who start every year
PhD students from abroad